Places & Faces

As village life becomes more familiar, I have felt my first sense of bittersweet-ness. The initial shock of arriving has worn off and I am beginning to create a routine for myself, which is very grounding. I have begun to really feel like this is my home. I have also accepted what this means for the next six months of my life. At the same time, how often is it that we get to go through a day where everything we do is a first? The first time to dig in a fish pond, the first time to learn a new word, the first time to try an unfamiliar food…it is a rarity and something which makes experiences abroad so special. That being said, there is not a day that goes by where I don’t step back and re-realize that I AM IN AFRICA! It is an a-ha moment that I hope never wears off. Until then, I will endlessly be obsessed with capturing the rare beauty this experience offers me.

Humbled and awed,


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