Just Because…

The presence of a child has a way of encouraging presence in myself.

It is hard to stay in a negative state of mind while being around them and it just so happens that there are generally five to eight kids running around any given house. It has been interesting and very entertaining to watch many young ones develop over these last four months.

I have watched Baby Brooke go from being able to sit, then crawl (never on the knees, always on her feet like a moving downward dog), to nearly walk; I’m pretty sure she is waiting for Brooke to get back this Friday before taking her first solo steps.

Emotions arise, they get upset, they laugh or cry it out and then keep on playing.

The biggest thing we can re-learn from kids is how to play. I am guilty of taking myself too seriously at times, but I’m shaking that habit as much as I can. I now play hide-and-seek at least 4 days a week, I eat breakfast and lunch with people who can barely speak and do yoga with handfuls of little ones just eager to imitate and learn, meanwhile laughing the whole time and not surprisingly they turn out to be better than most adults.

That’s not to say I’m always over the moon to be swarmed by dozens of kids after a hard day, but then I just take another breath and remind myself that I come home to kids who are so excited to greet and see me. What is there to be upset about.

I hope these kiddos brighten up your day as they do mine…

IMG_3211 IMG_3221 IMG_3248 IMG_3255 IMG_3260 IMG_3265 IMG_3269

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