Travels with a Burro…previous travel/blog


Before embarking to the motherland, I spent eight months traveling through Central and South American with a pack on my back, an ever changing travel route and three to six (depending on the day) amazing friends, gathering other nomads along the way.

I enjoy the nostalgia of photos and stories of our adventure off and on the Gringo Trail. Below is a link to our collective blog that is now being continued by one of my dearest friends and fellow vagabond consumed by wanderlust.

Travels with a Burro

Whether you’ve already been down that way, need an escape from mundane office work or are interested in reading what is by now a short novel…check it out!

Sera bulungi (good night) ni ebiloto ebilungi (and sweet dreams)

3 thoughts on “Travels with a Burro…previous travel/blog

  1. Darlin grandchildren(Steph and Cass) Hope you are well and having the experience of your life…So proud of you and love you bunches…Grandma in SA

  2. hello grandma! sorry for such a late reply but we are both doing really well….just finished a 3 day safari through north western uganda. it was amazing…thought you and your time spent here. love you and see you in a few weeks!

    1. Just drove in from the Lake…beautiful new deck for you to enjoy in a few weeks.Surprise cold sent the temp down into the thirties so I am staying in tonight. Great photography and script on this report. Have done this exact same endeavor complete with matching sewing machines…Saw yours and cass’s pictures…thanks for thinking of me…lonesome here!

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