Murchison Falls: WILDLIFE

A few weeks ago, Cass and I got out of the village for a much needed brother sister holiday. Time is flying by and since there is rarely a quiet moment in the village, I wanted to make sure we got some quality time together. We booked a safari to Murchison Falls in north-west Uganda. The three-day adventure consisted of a hike around the falls (supposedly the most powerful falls in the world), two different safari sessions through the park (Murchison is largest national park in Uganda) and a boat ride on Lake Albert to see more wildlife and get a different perspective of the falls.

We were more than pleased with the experience. It was a bit of a Mzungu fest, but an enjoyable one at that. The lodge was located in the park and was very serene.

We spotted everything from giraffes, elephants, warthogs, African deer, water buffalo, hundreds of different birds and lots and lots of hippos. The first night we were there a hungry hippo feasted right next to our tent.

We amused ourselves on the safari by personifying all the wildlife we saw. Giraffes with all their feminine elegance, sauntered from tree to tree, gossiping in English accents. Warthogs are surprisingly adorable. The wild pigs are un-proportioned with things protruding from its head at all angles. They don’t seem like the smartest animals around since they stick their tails stick straight in the air when they travel. An easy target for predators. Water buffalo are hilarious…they are nearly blind so with their long grey hairs and horizontal chewing habits, they look like disgruntled old men wearing viking head-gear. Elephants are just the cutest things around. I could watch them all day.

I would have been completely satisfied had we seen a lion, but I guess that’s for next time. The most pleasant part of the experience was the scenery and the chance to be surrounded by more animals than humans.

4 thoughts on “Murchison Falls: WILDLIFE

  1. Steph:

    So in my opinion it’s a toss -up between elephants and giraffes Both are cool but given a choice I believe the giraffes are the coolest…We have many of the same pics.. including the little Bee Catcher bird.. the blue one… Those water buffalo are really Cape Buffalo.. Not the same as in Thailand and Viet Nam.. I think.. will now have to research to be sure i’m right.. Glad you got to spend time with Cassidy… Perhaps this experience and seeing his big sister in action will instill some positive vibes in him.. and lead to a solid interest in something.. It is not easy being young.. and for that mattter it isn’t easy being old either… The right place is to be is happy in what you do.. healthy and somewhere between 30 and 50 while looking like you are 20… Seems you are nearly in the sweet spot.. I hope Cass can get there…

    We leave on a cruise next week from Ft. Lauderdale to Venice, Italy.. 28 days including many stops.. much in Greece one in Turkey.. Should be a hoot.. Great ship… We will wave as we pass by Northern Africa. Best, Darrell and Louise

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