September trip to Sipi Falls

A bit late, but wanted to share my beautiful and relaxing trip to Sipi Falls consisting of three separate falls as high as 80 meters. It was my first time to spend quality time with Lyn and Kisule (Lyn’s son she is adopting). It was amazing to get back into nature and see more of the Ugandan country side. It was a weekend full of belly laughs, great conversation over (surprisingly) good food and entertainment from the one and only Kisule.

2 thoughts on “September trip to Sipi Falls

  1. Its an incredibe day here in San Antonio…about 55 degrees. I have been at church filling Christmas boxes for Samaritan’s Purse. When is the BIG trip going to be??/I leave Jan.11th for a month in Arusha and Chimala so we will have tons to talk about when we meet again. So proud of you and your endeavors. Best love grandma

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