A few thoughts on Syria from an American living in Sweden {Choose Love}

When does it become less about nationalism and more about humanism?
“Refugees are our future spouses, best friends, our next soul mate, the drummer in our children’s band, our next colleague, Miss Iceland 2022, the carpenter who finally fixes our bathroom, the chef in the cafeteria, the fireman, the hacker and the television host.”

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Nature, Crayfish and Swedish Drinking Culture

Look deeply into my eyes & let’s drink.

The very first word I learned in Swedish was smörgåsbord. I learned it from my dad as a kid. The second word, skål (pronounced skol), I wouldn’t learn for another decade or so. We said it often while drinking beer out of coffee mugs in Ecuador.

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My AHA (Love) Moment

I tend to have an aha moment when I am fully immersed in ordinary things liking folding laundry or brushing my teeth. It happens during these moments of absolute presence when my mind is calm and quiet enough to let the insights and clarity come through. I had an aha moment the other day while riding my bike from the yoga […]

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Welcome to Sweden

Monday marked five weeks in Sweden. Unlike being in other countries where there is a significant cultural difference, acclimating to life in Sweden has been fairly easy. The biggest undertaking I can forsee, besides getting to stay for longer than 90 days, will be learning the language. It will require retraining my mouth to make new and […]

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