Welcome to Sweden

Monday marked five weeks in Sweden. Unlike being in other countries where there is a significant¬†cultural difference, acclimating to life in Sweden has been fairly easy. The biggest undertaking I can forsee, besides getting to stay¬†for longer than 90 days, will be learning the language. It will require retraining my mouth to make new and […]

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Just Because…

The presence of a child has a way of encouraging presence in myself. It is hard to stay in a negative state of mind while being around them and it just so happens that there are generally five to eight kids running around any given house. It has been interesting and very entertaining to watch […]

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First week on the ground

The first week was an absolute whirlwind. Mornings I wake up around 6:30 or 7:00am and start the day with a basin shower. I shower in a small dark room with some natural light peeking through a small window. I stand in a wide red bucket and pour water over myself. Mama Ali provides me […]

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