Just Because…

The presence of a child has a way of encouraging presence in myself. It is hard to stay in a negative state of mind while being around them and it just so happens that there are generally five to eight kids running around any given house. It has been interesting and very entertaining to watch […]

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This year Thanksgiving fell on Saturday, December 8th. It was Brooke’s last night in the village before returning to the States for two months. It seemed fitting. We gathered the troops, loaded up the Prado eight or so deep and ventured into town on a mission to find a saycoco (turkey). Like anything else here, […]

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Settling in…

27th Birthday I have always enjoyed my birthdays mainly because it gives me a good excuse to bring all of my favorite people together. The day is usually filled with the 3 F’s..friends, family and food (thanks Javier). Spending a birthday in a foreign country is always unique and special. A big difference here is […]

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Letters from the Heart

Like I mentioned before, and as Brooke warned me, there are individuals around the village that are “your people.” These are people who you instantly connect with on a deep level. The connection goes beyond intellectual comprehension, which is the best part. One of “my people” is Musa. He is probably about 15-years-old and the […]

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Welcome Ken & Jenna

At the end of October, Brooke went back to Kampala for a few days to pick up her dad and the co-founder of S.O.U.L., Ken Stern, and our Executive Director, Jenna Rogers. This was good for two reasons. One, it gave me two days to test the waters of being the Project Manager when Brooke […]

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Dinner Discussions

Tonight I laughed so hard, Arafat (Mama Ali’s son, i.e. my brother) told me to stop or else I would have a stomach ache or hurt myself. After a nice sunset yoga session overlooking the River Nile, we headed to dinner at Abiolya and Shameem’s house. They are the most modern family in the village […]

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