Turning Points: Right Honourable Speaker of Parliament – S.O.U.L.’s Guest of Honour

Synchronicity is an ever present reality for those who have eyes to see. ~Carl Jung Our Guest of Honour for our 9th Bi-Annual General Meeting was the Right Honourable Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kagada. For those not familiar with the Parliament system, the Speaker is third to the President and Kadaga is the first female […]

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Sponsorship Coincidence

Today a friend and fellow S.O.U.L. volunteer camp to the Shack to meet and spend some time with the student she has been sponsoring for over a year, Benard. This is always amazing to witness, as it is rare for a student to be able to meet the person who is paying half of their […]

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Holidays in the Villages

Certainly not your standard holiday season… …& there isn’t anything wrong with that! Trip to Igenga (village about 180 k away) with the family to celebrate Tata Muganda’s Brother’s University Graduation Christmas Day feasting with the student I sponsor, Salimati Namudira, and her family Christmas Day Futbol Gala won by Team SOUL for the second […]

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