September trip to Sipi Falls

A bit late, but wanted to share my beautiful and relaxing trip to Sipi Falls consisting of three separate falls as high as 80 meters. It was my first time to spend quality time with Lyn and Kisule (Lyn’s son she is adopting). It was amazing to get back into nature and see more of […]

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Sponsorship Coincidence

Today a friend and fellow S.O.U.L. volunteer camp to the Shack to meet and spend some time with the student she has been sponsoring for over a year, Benard. This is always amazing to witness, as it is rare for a student to be able to meet the person who is paying half of their […]

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A few snaps from this week…

This week was a crazy amazing whirlwind…Brooke is back and with her came a gaggle of amazing S.O.U.L. members and some lovely newcomers. SO much happened this week and it wasn’t until today, Sunday, that I got a chance to take a breathe. I can’t wait to share what the past two weeks have been […]

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Welcome Ken & Jenna

At the end of October, Brooke went back to Kampala for a few days to pick up her dad and the co-founder of S.O.U.L., Ken Stern, and our Executive Director, Jenna Rogers. This was good for two reasons. One, it gave me two days to test the waters of being the Project Manager when Brooke […]

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Places & Faces

As village life becomes more familiar, I have felt my first sense of bittersweet-ness. The initial shock of arriving has worn off and I am beginning to create a routine for myself, which is very grounding. I have begun to really feel like this is my home. I have also accepted what this means for […]

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