Published in Elephant Journal!

Published in Elephant Journal!

The Colorado Rains must have traveled this way…last night on my walk home I only made it half way when the torrential down pour began. I took refuge at Mama Mesange’s, one of my favorite families (in profile pic).

They insisted I stay the night; they gave me a hot bath and I ate dinner with them as we conversed in the local language. Their one year old fell happily asleep in my arms. It felt a lot like home.

I let go of all the things I ‘needed’ to get done and just enjoyed each passing moment. At the end of the night, Mama Mesange pulled her mattress next to mine and said she wanted to sleep next to me, her ability to be a mother never ending.

Living in an African village can certainly have its challenges but I’m nearly a year in and the amount of gratitude I have for this experience grows by the day.

THEN…I woke up to find that an article of mine had been published in Elephant Journal (a Boulder based e-magizine).

See link and if you like, please pass it on!

What an amazing week it has been! xo

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Sponsorship Coincidence

Today a friend and fellow S.O.U.L. volunteer camp to the Shack to meet and spend some time with the student she has been sponsoring for over a year, Benard. This is always amazing to witness, as it is rare for a student to be able to meet the person who is paying half of their […]

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African Home Makeover Part II

Be grateful for the home you have, knowing that at this moment, all you have is all you need. – Sarah Ban Breathnach Down by the River, just past Naafa’s After some decorating & 5 weeks later . . . There it is…Home Sweet Home! More to fix here and there but it feels unbelievably good to […]

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Holidays in the Villages

Certainly not your standard holiday season… …& there isn’t anything wrong with that! Trip to Igenga (village about 180 k away) with the family to celebrate Tata Muganda’s Brother’s University Graduation Christmas Day feasting with the student I sponsor, Salimati Namudira, and her family Christmas Day Futbol Gala won by Team SOUL for the second […]

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First week on the ground

The first week was an absolute whirlwind. Mornings I wake up around 6:30 or 7:00am and start the day with a basin shower. I shower in a small dark room with some natural light peeking through a small window. I stand in a wide red bucket and pour water over myself. Mama Ali provides me […]

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Arriving to Bujagali Falls

After two days of travel and one day of rest in Kampala, I finally arrived to the village of Bujagali Falls. Emotions raced through my body as I pulled up to the S.O.U.L. Shack, a place I had seen in pictures and imagined for months. Not only that, but I had waited for this exact […]

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